A government initiative is in operation that monitors school children’s attendance and lateness. This monitoring system makes direct comparisons between absence/lateness rates and the well-being/performance of children and the school as a whole.

Your children’s attendance and any lateness is recorded electronically and sent to the local authority. These figures are scrutinised and the Educational Welfare Department will be in contact with the school and families where a child’s absence is high or where a child is persistently late. From September 2015, the government states that any child with attendance below 90% is a child deemed as having persistent absence.

Attendance and lateness figures will also directly affect judgements made by OFSTED.

Please remember that children should arrive at school between 8.40 am and 8.50 am.

Active learning begins at 9.00 am and children are officially late from this time. Our School Register is closed by 9.00 am and if your child arrives after this time your child will be recorded as late or given an unauthorised absence.

Lateness affects children in a variety of ways:
  • They feel embarrassed or upset about coming into a classroom once the session has begun.

  • They miss out on learning.

  • They don’t feel included in the daily routine from the start and this affects confidence and well-being.

Lateness Procedure

The school gates will be locked promptly at 9.00 am without exception. After this time you will need to bring your children into school through the main entrance, where you will be asked to sign your child in at the school office, giving the time and reason for lateness.

Absence Procedure

If your child is unwell, please telephone the school on the morning of your child’s absence by 9.00am (A message can be left on the absence line).

You can also inform us of your child's absence through the Schoolcomms app.
The office staff will then record this information and will not need to bother you with follow up letters and calls.

If you forget to call in, a member of staff will follow up this absence either with a text, call or letter asking why your child/children are not at school.

We need you to clarify all absences or else we have to mark them as unauthorised.
If your child has been off due to sickness for more than 2 days, on the third day a member of staff will contact you to find out how they are and if there is anything we can do.
On a weekly basis we will monitor the absence and lateness figures and will contact families to offer support and or advice regarding absence and or lateness where necessary.

Remember, our school’s target for the 2021/2022 school year is 96.2%. Together we can achieve it.