Highweek Community Primary School and Friends of Highweek (PTFA) Facebook Guidelines

1. Introduction

The Highweek Community Primary School Facebook page can be viewed at:

Highweek Primary School on Facebook


The page is designed to:

  • Inform, engage and communicate with parents, carers and other interested parties.

  • Recognise, celebrate and promote the work of the school and its students.

  • Communicate and reinforce school policies and good practice.

Postings will include updates on everyday school life, activities, clubs, events, useful information and websites, advice, suggestions, books and photos of activities.


The Friends of Highweek Community Primary School Association (PTFA) Facebook page can be viewed at:

Friends of Highweek Primary School Association (PTFA)

The page is designed to support the running of the Association. It is used to raise awareness of its activities and promote its events, to communicate with ‘likers’, share relevant information and recruit volunteer helpers to support the PTFA’s activities, thank local supporters and to canvas it’s members.

2. Posts and Comments

2.1. The Head Teacher will decide on and authorise administrators that will be responsible for updating the page on a regular basis. The administrators will communicate in a positive, accurate, respectful and responsible manner. They will uphold and promote the values of the school vision statement at all times.

2.2. All parents and carers are also welcome to post their thoughts and ideas on the page, and to like, share and comment on postings. We would request that they do so in a similarly positive, respectful and constructive manner.

2.3. If followers have any specific concerns, particularly related to their own or other child/children, we ask that they do not post these on the page timeline and encourage them to speak directly to the Head/Class teacher.

2.4. Under no circumstances should any child/children be named or described on the page or in comments on the page. This is due to data protection and the legal responsibility we have to keep the children safe.

3. Photographs and Videos

3.1. Parents are asked to fill in a permission form for the school to use their child’s photograph on school publicity materials.

3.2. Only authorised administrators have permission to upload photographs and videos on to the page. This is because they are aware of the parental permissions held by the school.

3.3. No-one else is permitted to post any photographs or videos on to the page. The setting allowing people to post or tag photos will be turned off.

3.4. No children will be tagged or named in relation to a photo directly on the page. However, there may be links to the school website or to third party articles (eg. Mid Devon Advertiser) where children may be photographed and/or named.

4. Site Moderation

4.1 The page will be moderated daily by administrators that are authorised by the Head Teacher.

4.2 All visitors to the page are asked to inform the Head Teacher or to the school office of any inappropriate comments, behaviour or concerns they have relating to the page.

4.3 The page profanity filter will be set to ‘strong’.

4.4 We encourage parents and carers to post regularly on the page by liking posts.

5. Site Moderation

5.1. In the event that an inappropriate or offensive comment is made it will be recorded by an administrator (screen shot) and brought to the urgent attention of the Head Teacher.

The Head Teacher (or a member of the Senior Leadership Team) will speak to the individual(s) involved and explain the purpose and ethos of the page, and why their comment / behaviour is inappropriate or offensive. We will ask the individual to remove the posting. Ultimately, the School reserves the right to remove any comments that are deemed inappropriate.

5.2. In the event that a child is described or named (whether in the main post or within comments), it will be recorded by an administrator (screen shot), immediately deleted and brought to the urgent attention of the Head Teacher.

5.3. In the event that an inappropriate or offensive comment is made by someone who is unconnected to the school, the Head Teacher will respond accordingly. The response will depend on the content of the post but may include contacting the user via private message, deleting the comment and banning the user, or reporting the post to relevant external bodies.

5.4. If any individual repeatedly makes inappropriate comments (two times or more), the School has the discretion to ban the offending individual from the page and (where appropriate) report the offender to relevant external bodies.

6. Restrictions

6.1 The page is designed as a communication tool to engage with parents and carers. It is therefore restricted to people over 18 years of age.

6.2. Where a parent is under 18 years old, permission will be granted at the discretion of the Head Teacher.


6.3. The Head Teacher also has the discretion to remove or ban any followers that are known to be under 18 years old.

Last Updated: July 2015


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