Travel Plan information for parents and carers

We are committed to actively promoting sustainable, green travel to and from our school. Our Travel Plan encourages those that can, to leave their car at home and to enjoy walking or cycling into school.

Parking at drop off and pick up times

Please consider local residents when dropping off and collecting your child from school.  Please do not park on pavements or block access to driveways.  Please park considerately.  Thank you.

Car Share

Families who are interested in sharing journeys to and from school are invited to leave their names and addresses at the school reception.  Staff can then match up locations and put interested families in touch with one another.

Car share information link to the car share Devon website

Walking Bus

Our Walking Bus departs on a Wednesday morning at 8.35 am from the top of Broadlands Avenue. Children are encouraged to join this service provided weekly by the school. 

Park and Stride

Park and Stride is a simple initiative which involves driving part of the way to school, parking, then walking the rest of the way. It is particularly good for families that live a long way from school and find it difficult to walk the whole way. It has the added benefit of reducing congestion around the school entrance, making it safer for children to enter school. We are currently in the process of arranging parking facilities for parents for this initiative.


Bikeability is considered a life skill and at Highweek we encourage as many pupils to take up the course. It runs for 1 week every morning or afternoon.

There are 2 levels that can be obtained.

Level 1 – You learn how to be in full control of your bike.  You’ll do fun cycling skills on the playground, preparing you to go out on the road, which is Bikeability Level 2!

Level 2 – You learn the rules of the road and how to cope with other traffic as a cyclist.  You will head out onto local roads, giving you a real cycling experience.  You will be taught how to deal with traffic on short journeys such as cycling to school or the local shops.  You will usually be trained in groups of 3 – 12 by either one or two instructors (depending on the size of the group).

Cycle to School

Opportunity to cycle to the school (the school has a staff shower and cycle storage)

Further Information


Travel information to include links to bus timetables and train information for Newton Abbot:


Route map:

Plan your train journey:

The Walking Bus Guide for Parents

Park and Stride