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P.E. & Sport

We believe in inspiring all our pupils to encompass healthy lifestyles/attitudes which will include every child by offering a wide breadth and variety of sporting opportunities. Pupils will experience:

  • 10 minutes DPA (daily physical activity)

  • 2 hours of PE within the curriculum time which will include a term of swimming from Nursery to Y6

  • Active playtimes/lunchtimes delivered by a sports coach, playleaders, and MTA’s

  • A range of after school clubs such as Cheerleading, Street Dance, Basketball, High 5 Netball, Dartmoor 3 Ball and Football

  • Y5/6 Bikeability – Level 1 and 2

  • Change 4 Life Club to teach selected children about healthy foods, the importance of exercise and promote positive wellbeing

  • A range of competitions/festivals mainly organised by SSP (Schools Sports Partnership) of a competitive and non-competitive nature

  • Gifted and Talented opportunities to extend and challenge pupils

  • Annual Sports Day

We partner with Premier Sport who are supporting our teachers in delivering the National Curriculum for P.E.

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