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Ofsted Report

Our latest Ofsted inspection took place in March 2023 and the report is available to read via the link below. We are rightly very proud of the results of this inspection and the comments that the lead inspector has made in the report.

If you want to see what our parents and carers think of the school click on the Parent View icon below to view the results; we are extremely proud of what these results show.


Comments from the inspectors include:

"Highweek Primary and Nursery is a friendly, welcoming and inclusive school where pupils learn well"


"The culture of expectation is high. Staff encourage all pupils to be the best they can be" 

"Leaders have created a culture of reading for pleasure. Pupils enjoy reading and share book recommendations with each other. Pupils act as school librarians, helping staff to run the school library"

"Staff support pupils with SEND effectively . Leaders check how well teaching is helping these pupils to be successful. Adults make suitable adaptations to the curriculum. As a result, these pupils achieve well"

"Reading is a high priority across the school. Well trained staff teach phonics using an effective curriculum. Pupils who are falling behind get the help that they need to catch up. Phonics teaching begins as soon as children start in Reception. Books are carefully matched to the sounds pupils know. This helps them become fluent and confident readers"

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