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What is a Pupil Advocate?

Pupil Advocates are children who have been chosen to take on extra responsibilities within our school community. They are the children who want to support and encourage their peers in all ways possible. They are committed to doing their best in school and for school; for children, staff and parents alike.

What does a Pupil Advocate do?

Pupil Advocates do most of their work in the long break at dinner time; they share a number of roles.

Dinner Hall Advocate

  • Encourage children to eat healthily

  • Help younger children with eating their food

  • Demonstrate excellent table manners

Horticultural Health and Safety Advocate
  • Ensure that the plants are watered each day inside the school

  • Be aware of any health and safety risks that they may see and report them to a member of staff.

  • Ensure all displays are well kept and encourage children to interact with them

Play Leader Advocate

  • Find friends for children who are lonely

  • Encourage children to try out playing different games

  • Initiate games for children to play

Office Assistant Advocate

  • Report to the office on their duty day to receive office jobs which may vary from day to day

Wet Playtime Advocate

  • Each Advocate has a class which they support when we have wet playtimes

Highweek Tour Guide

  • Each Advocate is available to show visitors around the school

How do you become a Pupil Advocate?
  • Apply for the job by filling in an application form

  • Shortlisted pupils are then interviewed

  • Successful candidates are given their Advocate Roles and sign a contract

As well as carrying out their roles and responsibilities on their duty days Pupil Advocates are expected to attend weekly meetings and receive regular evaluations.

How do you know who is on duty?

Pupil Advocates wear their blazers and ID badges whenever they are on duty.

Why do we have Pupil Advocates?

This is a wonderful way to give children valuable skills and experiences useful to them for secondary school, university and beyond.

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