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Role of the Board of Governors

The Governing Body of a school is responsible for ensuring that it is run to promote pupil achievement.

Its duties include:
• setting strategic direction, policies and objectives

• the school budget

• reviewing progress against the school’s budget and objectives

• appointing, challenging and supporting the headteacher

The Governing Body is made up of:

• parents governors (elected by parents)

• staff representatives (elected by school staff)

• local authority governors (appointed by the local authority)

• community governors (appointed by the governing body​​)
  • Chair of Governors - Christine Candlish

  • Vice Chair - Jo Avery 

Committee Membership

  • Claire Redwood – Head Teacher

  • Liz Roberts – Local Authority Sports Premium Curriculum

  • Vacant – Co-opted Premises, Security and H & S

  • Jackie Dawes – Staff Non-teaching Family & Community links

  • Vacant  - Co-opted Pupil Premium

  • Heather Cookson - Parent Data & Assessment/School Improvement

  • Christine Candlish - Co-opted SEND & Personnel 

  • Philip Bullivant

  • Jerry Godfrey - Safeguarding


Summary of Governor Information Highweek Primary School November 2023

All Governors can be contacted via the School Office or emailed at:

Updated November 2023

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