Our School

“Located in Newton Abbot, Highweek Primary school offers ages 2 to 11 a memorable experience in a safe fun environment.

Highweek School ensures that every child has access to diverse facilities and opportunities such as educational games to encourage children that they can learn in an exciting way and trips to show the wonders of wildlife and different activities not included in everyday life. Pupil development is vital; turning older children into young adults. Highweek Primary school promote dedicated year sixes into Pupil Advocates; they support staff and other children on their duty days. Throughout the school, interventions support children and allow them to learn where they feel free of pressure.

Believing that everyone deserves equal rights, staff help the children achieve their ambitions and pushes children to try their hardest and never yield if learning is hard. Awarding children with ‘WOW’ stamps, gold cards and BLP (Building Learning Power) staff endorse in achievement and improvement throughout the pupils years at Highweek Primary School.

Taking pride in appearance, Highweek insist that our school buildings are clean and hygienic and have designed a magnificent new nursery that we hope will be developed in the very near future. As a part of a composting ‘change4life’ campaign, Highweek encourage recycling and protection of wildlife. Children at Highweek primary are proud to accommodate all nature that lives in our pond and acknowledge the fact that it takes care and consideration to continue our wildlife visits at our school. It is non-negotiable; pupils at Highweek Primary School respect our equipment that is displayed on our playing field: it is with great pleasure we continue to host sporting events, charity runs and a range of our clubs (football, netball and handball) for the children’s learning and development.

Placing our pupils first, Highweek Primary School never fails to impress Ofsted or our loyal governors. We provide a variety of facilities and opportunities, equal rights and a clean and hygienic building where children to feel safe and prepared to learn.”

What do parents say about our school?

“He has made fantastic progress since attending Highweek. The school is encouraging and friendly. I would recommend to any parents.” - Year 2 parent

“Both our girls are very positive about their learning and they love going to school. As parents this make us very happy.

We could not be happier with the level of teaching and dedication our girls receive on a daily basis.
The school is meeting their needs and more so, and we are extremely happy.
In our opinion the school’s staff are doing an excellent job and deserve to be praised for such high levels of commitment to giving our children the very best learning experience.” - Nursery and Year 4 parent

Working together in partnership

Newton Abbot Learning Community

We co-operate closely with the two secondary schools and another 12 primary schools in the Newton Abbot area. We share ideas and engage in joint projects with children and staff. We also have carefully thought out arrangements to help children move smoothly on to secondary education.