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Choosing the right school for your child is a big decision for any family. Whether you are about to send your child to school for the first time, or moving into the area with older children, you are always welcome to come along and have a look round to see what we have to offer.

Admissions to the school are determined centrally by the Local Authority. During the transfer period, please apply online at

For the rest of the year, or late applications, please e-mail, or call 0345 155 1019. Alternatively, please visit for further information and download copies of the application form if you’d prefer to complete it in writing rather than online.

Highweek Admissions Policy 2023

Highweek Admissions Policy 2024

Q. When should I apply for my pre school aged child and, if I apply earlier, will I be higher up the list?

A. The ‘First Steps Booklet’  is published by Devon County Council and includes the application form, issued by the Local Education Authority (LEA), should be available to you through your pre school, during the autumn term, for children due to start school the following September and January. You will need to complete and return the Common Application Form (CAF) to the LEA by their published deadline which is usually around the end of January or apply online. This cyclical deadline applies every year although the actual date may vary slightly. All applications will be considered together after the deadline has passed so getting your form in early won’t have any bearing on the decision to allocate places. The Common Application Form is available online at

Q . Does it help if my child has attended your nursery?

A . In terms of aiding your child’s transition into school then yes, if a child can start school with his or her peers and friends then he or she will usually find the process less threatening. However attendance at nursery has no bearing on the decision to allocate places.

Visiting the School

The best way to decide upon the right school for a child, is to visit it. Parents and carers of prospective pupils are very welcome to visit the school at any time by appointment. Please do contact the school office to make an appointment. Copies of the prospectus are available to all prospective pupils from the office.

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