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Welcome to Teign Class - Year 5/6

Teacher: Mr Matus & Mrs Catt

Year 5 is an exciting and important year at Highweek. As well as the children working towards Year 6 where they will sit their national SAT tests, there is now a higher expectation from their teachers that they become more responsible for their own learning and more mature around school as they model positive behaviour for the younger children they come into contact with each day.

Year 6 is an important year for your child. Not only is it the year in which they sit the Key Stage Two SATs but also the year that marks their final days at Highweek as they make the transition to secondary school.
The Year 6 teacher will endeavour to make your child’s last year at Highweek one to remember and ensure they are 100% ready for their next big step towards secondary education.


Preview is given out on Fridays.


P.E. kits should be in school all week, as sometimes P.E. slots can change.


Year 6 pupils only will be swimming every Wednesday.

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Other Information:

We are grateful for any help you can provide, for example, accompanying us on trips or hearing children read.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or things you would like to talk about.

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