Our Approach to Reading

At Highweek Primary School our aim is to develop an ethos of reading for pleasure, teaching our children the skills that will enable a lifelong enjoyment of books and learning.

A love of books and the teaching of reading starts from the nursery onward where we introduce a structured approach to phonics through Read Write Inc.

This exciting scheme has impact on the children’s love of books and confidence. It is based on achieving real success each session where the focus is on ‘keep up’ rather than ‘catch up’.  In these sessions, children will only be asked to read words where they have met the sounds before in their learning. Any ‘tricky’ words (words that cannot be easily sounded out by ‘Fred Talk’) are specifically ‘taught’ so that each child is equipped to read words & texts at their level. Progress is assessed each half term and children are grouped according to their reading needs. Time is also spent talking about the texts and in developing comprehension skills.


For more information regarding Read Write Inc please see: www.ruthmiskin.com/en/parents/

In EYFS & KS1, books that children choose to bring home are for ‘sharing’ with an adult as some of the sounds and words may not yet have been met in RWI sessions. We do not use any one specific reading scheme for the shared books because we do not want the children to get too dependent on a particular style. Instead, we use a range of schemes and group the books into colour bands of similar difficulty.

At Key Stage 2, the children follow a computerised programme called   Accelerated Reader. It is an intervention which really targets and boosts the children’s reading levels in an exciting way. The programme tracks the child’s progress over the course of the school year. The children undertake a diagnostic test (STAR Test) which helps us to work out their reading level and estimated reading age. We are then able to match the children to a range of books at the appropriate level. During their AR lesson, the children will be guided to choose and read a fiction or non-fiction book. They can then take a quiz on the book that they have just read. Each child will receive a report on the quiz results that shows how well they have done. Teachers also receive information that will enable them to assist pupils in further reading choices. Parents can log on to Renaissance Home Connect which will enable them to support their child’s AR reading by seeing their reading history and quiz results.

 The Accelerated Reader Program will involve your child in the following:

  • Selecting appropriate books for their individual reading level and interests.

  • Reading books and keeping track of what they have read.

  • When each book is finished, taking a Reading Quiz during an AR session. (Each quiz may only be taken once.) 

  • The quiz is a multiple choice comprehension quiz and children gain points according to the percentage correct. It is recommended that children aim to get an average of at least 85% correct as meeting this target has the greatest effect on reading growth.


Pupils choose their own individual reading book from the AR library.

Each class, from Year 1-6, engages in a Guided Reading session daily. The class teacher focuses with one small group each day and tailors the teaching to their needs.

This is an opportunity for the teacher to assess the children and teach reading skills. As a result, teachers ensure reading skills are being taught and acquired at the appropriate level. The other children within the class engage in other independent, supported or guided learning activities, which may be reading based or linked to learning in other areas of the English curriculum.

Every Tuesday, throughout the school, we invite our parents to a ‘Come Read With Me’ session where they can share the love of books and reading with their child within the school environment.

To support our teaching of reading, at Highweek Primary School each child is expected to read at home daily, whether that is to an adult (for developing readers) or independently (for fluent readers). Sharing a book daily with your child is vital for increasing their reading confidence and fluency.

We thank you for your continued support.

Updated September 2016


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